The Magic Email

Stop being ignored and
start getting shit done.


Being ignored sucks.

We’ve all been there. You're trying to do business with someone and you send them an email. They ignore you. A week later you send a polite follow-up. And they ignore you again.

If you’re like I was, now your ego is bruised, and you still don’t have an answer to your email. Worse yet, you’ve wasted so much time trying to chase down answers.

Dude you weren't kidding. I had been dealing with radio silence on two proposals for weeks. Sent this out, got responses from both in a matter of hours. This is seriously magic.
Glenn Stovall

Stop being ignored

As principal of a web development agency, I live & die by email - last year, I sent 11,448 of them. A lot of those emails would have gone unanswered had I not discovered The Magic Email. I started calling it The Magic Email because it's revived cold leads, dead deals, and even gotten a response from my landlord about fixing my dryer. (And yes, the dryer got fixed)

The Magic Email is simple, and you can use it today to stop being ignored, and start getting replies. Ready? Okay, here it is:

The Magic Email

And here's The Magic Email text for you to copy and paste:

That's it.

Nothing else.

Send just that one line.

It's simple, intentionally vague, and absolutely effective.

I get at least a 50% response rate with most of them being positive. I adapted it (based on split-testing) from Blair Enns' excellent Closing The Loop email.

I just used this with a client I've been trying to connect with for more than a year. I've left messages, I've sent emails, I've called once a week for a month last year. This email just got me a response with a scheduled meeting in 3 minutes. Holy god.
Nick Hance
I've used the "Magic Email" from @kaisdavis at least once a month since maybe 2013 and its never failed to get a response. Its so simple and effective. Check it out -
James Hunt (@thetwopct)

How's it work anyway?

It works because it makes it clear to the recipient that you've moved on. Since people are loss averse, their natural inclination is to reply immediately in order to keep you from walking away. You're taking back control of the situation by declaring it over.

It's the email equivalent of what I do with my kids at the park. They don't want to leave so I say, “Okay, bye, I'm leaving” and start walking away. Immediately they yell, “Waiiit!” & run to catch up with me (and I've yet to actually have to leave them there.)

But I can't say that!

I know what you're thinking.

You think you can't send this because it just seems so rude. But it's not rude, it's just direct. The person who doesn't answer your emails is rude. You're just business. Business you can take or leave. Remember, this person has already been ignoring you for weeks so you have nothing to lose. I promise you'll get an answer or closure. Worst case scenario is you'll get more radio silence, but at least you will have given yourself permission to move on.

Try it. I promise more people will be impressed by your tenacity than annoyed by it.

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Excelsior! —

Kai Davis